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It is challenge for conventional imaging technology to find abnormality of small vessels

The ischemic heart disease caused by stenosis is called "structural ischemia". It can be found by CAG(Coronary Angiogram) in large vessel. 
However, there are other cause of ischemia called "functional ischemia", which is sometimes hard to detect by imaging examination especially for small vessels. Conventional imaging examinations are not designed to detect such disease.

Functional ischemia is the condition where heart muscle is less active mainly due to the supply of oxygen is insufficient by stenosis of large vessel. It is told that the blood flow of the coronary artery is said to be about 20% of the whole heart.

Therefore, even if there is no stenosis in the coronary artery itself, there are cases where the cardiac function declines when the peripheral blood, inside of heart wall, inside of inner blood vessel and etc., are in poor condition. (Some of them are called "Micro-vessel disease" or "small vessel diseases")

Further, the decrease of activity in cardiac muscle cell may be caused by various cases, such as cases where blood flow can not be secured sufficiently due to abnormality in valve function, deterioration of cell function due to aging, inflammation or stress, etc.

MCG detects the abnormality of the electricity generated by heart cell. That means, if the decline of heart activity causes the abnormality of the electricity, MCG detects such difference which are not visible in regular ECG.

For more information about MCG, please click Premier Heart International website.

For more information about small vessels disease,please refer to the following site.


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